The Human and HIS Energy
Changing Society with Incentives

Input by:

Elmar Barlet, Heiko Dittmer, Andreas Kaltenbach, Danny Günther


Adele Hake





The Human and HIS energy. A story.

Once upon a time there was TheHuman. He lived a looong time ago and did this and that. Then the higher being took pity and gave him a flash. Ow great TheHuman thought and wondered what to do with this gift. He had a lot of great ideas. And because TheHuman was so eager and curios he learnt to make the flash himself. With time his ideas got better and better and he learnt more and more. At some point he learnt to cage the flash. Now he could use the flash whenever it pleased him. Henceforth the flash was omnipresent and stopped being something special. He had stopped thinking of the higher being that gave him the flash a long time ago. For a long time, everything was well. The caged flashes got new names, they were now TheEnergy.  With time TheHuman learnt making TheEnergy from many different materials. But the higher being saw, that TheHuman just thought about TheEnergy and forgot about other important things in life. He thought little about the flowers, about the air, that he needed for breathing, little about the animals and everything else that was on earth. He also cared little that TheEnergy wasn’t free. TheEnergy consumed resources and materials that were given by the earth. And often TheEnergy returned substances that weren’t good for the earth. Sometimes TheHuman wondered if there would be a lot of TheEnergy in the future. Then he sheepishly said: „I need to save TheEnergy“. But TheHuman was industrious. He built storages and transportation networks to store and distribute TheEnergy. Everything was right and reasonable. He made agreements and goals to use TheEnergy more effectively. He built more storages and bigger transportation networks. Everything was right, good and reasonable. The higher being looked down from the heavens and sighed: Nothing was well. It wondered whether to send the flash of insight to earth, so that TheHuman would have the power of insight. It pondered and said: TheHuman must decide!! FIN