Distribution System Operators as Main Key for a Successful Energy Transition

Input by:

Sandra Mäding, Rainer Stock


Smörk 404





In the discussion, many modern concepts with even more modern names were introduced. The name „smart city“ was mentioned a lot. In the end one of the experts said that we have been in the same starting position for roughly twenty years now and that he would be willing to immediately put these practicable measures into practice. And that we don’t have much time left if we want to prevent serious consequences. This was a good summary for me. I think resources, such as energy, need to be used more efficiently in the future. Technological progress can help in many areas but in the end, we need to carefully question our own needs. Do I need a car if I live in the city? Can my computer be repaired? Can’t we use more recyclables and less one-way packaging? Do I need to order on amazon every month? If we don’t change our habits large parts of our world will turn into inhabitable deserts or drown in the sea. My picture is a concerned glance at this possible future and may well be Berlin 2120.