The project

Visions drive and enable us to make great achievements. And the energy transition is truly a great and important goal! We have made huge steps in the expansion of renewable energies.  But just building more wind and solar plants will not be enough  … [read more]

„The moon-landing of our generation“

Interview with Markus Graebig, leader of the WindNODE project

Why is the energy transition so difficult? In the end we are just replacing fossil fuels with electricity from wind and sun… At first glance it may seem easy, however, we need to have a careful look at these new energy sources … [read more]

Facts about climate change

From climate change to renewable energies. Climate Change: The global average temperature has been rising for years. This is caused by increased levels of greenhouse gases – such as carbon dioxide and methane – in the atmosphere. They work similarly to a greenhouse, where heat is stored. …  [read more]

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